Why work in Downtown

  1. Affordable prices for all
  2. Footfall of twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand people per day
  3. More than eight hundred shops and offices within the premises
  4. Located at the buzzing center of Kigali
  5. Easy access and connectivity
  6. Fifteen bus terminals within the premises
  1. Easy access for people with disabilities
  2. Three-sides open building
  3. On premises clinic soon-to-be built
  4. Security office within the premises
  5. Affordable advertisement spots across the premises

Rental Fees:

          Ground floor: $25 – $30 per square meter

          First floor: $25 – $30 per square meter

          Second floor: $15 – $20 per square meter

          Third floor: $15 per square meter

Types of office spaces available

  • Restaurants

  • Retail shops

  • Offices

  • Stores

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